webassets/TIOP_Coverart.jpg THE ILLUSION OF PROGRESS
Studio album: © 2008 Atlantic
1-This Is It, 2-The Way I Am, 3-Believe, 4-Save Me, 5-All I Want, 6-Pardon Me, 7-Lost Along The Way, 8-Break Away, 9-Tangled Up In You, 10-Raining Again, 11-Rainy Day Parade, 12-The Corner, 13-Nothing Left To Say
THE SINGLES 1996-2006
Compilation: © 2006 Atlantic
1-Come Again, 2-Mudshovel, 3-Home, 4-Outside (FV version), 5-It's Been Awhile, 6-For You, 7-Epiphany, 8-So Far Away, 9-Price to Play, 10-Zoe Jane, 11-Right Here, 12-Falling, 13-Everything Changes, 14-Nutshell, 15-Sober, 16-Comfortably Numb
Studio album: © 2005 Atlantic
1-Run Away, 2-Right Here, 3-Paper Jesus, 4-Schizophrenic Conversations, 5-Falling, 6-Cross To Bear, 7-Devil, 8-Please, 9-Everything Changes, 10-Take This, 11-King Of All Excuses, 12-Reply
Studio album: © 2003 Elektra
1-Price To Play, 2-How About You, 3-So Far Away, 4-Yesterday, 5-Fray, 6-Zoe Jane, 7-Fill Me Up, 8-Layne, 9-Falling Down, 10-Reality, 11-Tonight, 12-Could It Be, 13-Blow Away, 14-Intro
Studio album: © 2001 Elektra
1-Open Your Eyes, 2-Pressure, 3-Fade, 4-It's Been Awhile, 5-Change, 6-Can't Believe, 7-Epiphany, 8-Suffer, 9-Safe Place, 10-For You, 11-Outside, 12-Waste, 13-Take It
Studio album: © 1999 Elektra
1-Suffocate, 2-Just Go, 3-Me, 4-Raw, 5-Mudshovel, 6-Home, 7-A Flat, 8-Crawl, 9-Spleen, hidden track-Excess Baggage 
Studio album: © 1996 *self released*
1-Tolerate, 2-Come Again, 3-Break, 4-Painful, 5-Nameless, 6-Mudshuvel, 7-See Thru, 8-Question?, 9-No One's Kind, 10-Self Destruct, 11-4 Walls, hidden track-The Funeral  

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